The children we find families for

Coram works very hard to match you with the right child. This process is adopter-led - you and your social worker will work together to determine your ambitions and what you can offer to a child.

Mixed race girl runs towards camera with adoptive mum and brother in backgroundWhat all our children have in common is the need for unconditional love and support to help them flourish, assured by the knowledge that you, their new parents, will always put them first.

  • Some of our children are babies who have had a poor start in life;
  • some are older;
  • some have brothers and sisters with whom they need to stay;
  • others may have special needs or disabilities;
  • all  the children will have had a difficult start in life, and will need additional nurture and care as they grow up.

Babies from birth to two years old

Coram's early permanence scheme aims to find permanent homes for children under 24 months. This is where a baby or child in care under the age of two is found suitable foster carers who are ready and willing to adopt them if the court decides that adoption is best for them. In short, this means that the babies are placed with families who might adopt them – but that those families have to accept they are foster carers while the courts consider the best plan for the child, which might be returning to birth parents.

Find out more about early permanence here

If you are interested in adopting, please get in touch using the contact details on this site. You will be welcomed and we will respond quickly.