How we support you

Our aim is to make the adoption process as smooth as possible for everyone involved.

Mum holding daughter and looking into camera in their conservatoryOur experienced staff will work with you in a way that is sensitive and considerate. While we always put the needs of vulnerable children waiting for families first, we also strive to avoid delay where we can. If you feel unsure about the process or want information or advice, please ask us using the contact details on this site.

Support for all your family

Our friendly team will support you during the adoption process and for as long after as you require. We work to ensure the future stability and happiness of all our adoptive families.

As part of that, we will be there for you during the period where you are getting to know the child who has been identified as a possible match for your family and help you prepare to bring him or her home.

Once he or she is living with you, we will visit regularly during the process of settling in and becoming a family. Once the Adoption Order has been finalised, you are then the child’s parents, and you will make the decisions for your child, but we are always interested to have news if you want to be in touch, and to offer support at different times.

Want to know more?

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