Amanda and John meet Amy

Amanda and John felt Concurrent Planning was right for them despite the uncertainties they faced.

Children's wooden toy kitchen“Right from the start we felt really positive about Concurrent Planning because we feel it is the right thing for the babies and children involved.

Dealing with uncertainty

“We were aware of the uncertainties we faced, in particular the potential that the baby might be returned to their birth family. We were also aware that when you care for, and potentially adopt, a very young child there can be many unknowns surrounding their future health and development.

“Amy was 36 hours old when we collected her from hospital. At this stage, we were her foster carers and as part of this role we attended regular contact visits with her birth parents. This was another part of Concurrent Planning that appealed to us. We are pleased that we had the chance to meet our daughter’s birth parents and see how much they loved her. As she grows up we can give her a much clearer picture of them because we met them ourselves. We also hope it made the adoption process easier for them because they have met us and know more about us.

Getting support

“We always had excellent support from Cambridgeshire County Council. Our social worker was easy to talk to and we never felt judged by him. We very quickly overcame our initial fear that, as potential adopters, you have to be 'perfect'.

“The Adoption preparation training we received was also very useful. It raised many issues that we had not previously thought about and gave us space and time when we needed to think.

“Amy is now six months old and we couldn't be happier that she is a permanent member of our family."

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