Choosing to adopt as a same-sex couple

As a same sex male couple adoption had always been the first choice for us and early in our relationship we shared a mutual desire to have a forever family.

Read how one male couple are preparing to meet their son after going through the adoption process with Coram

"We are very close to our two godsons who are two and four years old. We also have nephews and younger brothers. We always wanted a son and we felt a boy aged between three and five would be the best fit for our family and support network.

"We are now in the process of looking to be matched with a three-year-old boy for whom we feel we can provide the parenting that he will need to thrive and do his best in life.  We know he will be a happy addition to our family and bring us joy for years to come.

"We also accept the challenges ahead and benefit from our friends and family supporting us.

"We have become close friends with many others in the process and keep in touch for mutual support.

The adoption process

"The adoption process was 15 months for us from attending an open day until being approved by panel. We decided to take a break between stage 1 and stage 2 which was beneficial and many other parents advised us to take a holiday (we are taking two short breaks) before introductions begin with our son.

"It is a very intensive process and it was at times stressful but we had the same social worker throughout which we found really positive.

"We also found the training Coram delivered to really open our eyes and allowed us to do our own reading and research to be as prepared as we could be to become parents.

"Research shows that children of same sex parents have very positive outcomes and can actually do better in school. Coram value and celebrate diversity and we would encourage other LGBT+ people to consider adoption as the best option to having a family."

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