Nicola and Rob expand their family

We are the parents of three children adopted, at separate times, over the past six years.

Basket of children's toys"Looking back to our first experience of adoption, I remember feeling like we were beginning a new journey and we were quite naïve about the long process ahead.

Feeling accepted

"We were also a bit worried about how our Christian faith would be viewed but we were soon reassured that we would be accepted for who we are. We stopped worrying about saying the right things and we felt we could just be ourselves. This is so important as it helps social workers find the right children to match to you. So never be afraid to be open and say how you feel.

The rough and the smooth

"We really enjoyed the process of being interviewed as part of our assessment. It was a very therapeutic experience at a time when we had quite recently learned that we weren’t able to have birth children of our own.

"There have been difficult times. Once we were first approved we waited over a year before being matched with our daughter, which shows how long the process can take.

Coping with disability

"It can also be difficult to hear about a child with disabilities, as we did with our second child, and see the uncertainties about their health on paper before you actually meet them.

"When the introductions with our children began it was very exciting, but it was also a very emotional time. It helped that the introductions were carefully planned and we have also had great support from Cambridgeshire’s clinical psychologist.

Settling in together

"We’re very pleased to say that all our children settled very well when they came to live with us. They all took to us straight away and are all great kids who we are very proud to have as part of our family."

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